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The LST Bossy Gnome is an extremely versatile guitar pedal that can be used as a fuzz, preamp, or treble booster.

It is a 2 transistor hybrid silicon / germanium circuit with a three way tone switch that lets you toggle between input tone capacitors to tighten up or boost bass.

When the clip switch is engaged, your tone goes from crunchy at medium gain to full blown fuzzy magic at max gain and lights up his pipe LED. Smoke your tone if that’s your thing! Switch off the clipping diodes and you get beautiful chimey cleanup with the vintage germanium transistor and medium gain settings. Also cleans up great with your guitar volume knob!

High quality parts throughout including Orange Drop and silver mica capacitors, Vishay/Dale resistors, Switchcraft 1/4 jacks, Lumberg 9vDC jack, silicon transistor in Q1 followed by a NOS germanium transistor in Q2 carefully measured and picked for best gain and low noise, Gørva potentiometers and soft click footswitch rated for over 30,000 clicks, an excellent PCB layout by Malaise Forever and a groovy custom made enclosure powder coated and UV printed by Obscura MFG.

Trying to give back, we donated $1k from our first batch of gnomes to Food Not Bombs DTLA to help provide free healthy meals in downtown Los Angeles.


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